Features and Functions

Features and Functions

500Conference is a video conferencing software for video and audio calling, screen sharing, private and public messaging, file sharing, real-time chat, etc. 500Conference allows you to connect and communicate with your co-workers and clients from any device.

This video shows how you can use 500Conference to communicate with employees. This video conference platform will help you interact with your meeting and increase collaboration effectively.

Let's get started.

Find 500Conference in video conferencing software to the Collaboration category in 500apps infinity suite.

Let us help you with everything you need to know about 500Conference.com.

Navigate yourself to 500Conference from the Collaboration category on the 500Apps infinity dashboard.

Let's start by creating a new meeting.

Create a meeting URL with a name of your choice and click on "Join Meeting." Now you can share this URL with your team or anyone you wish to authorize without any restrictions.

The software supports an organization in managing its meetings effortlessly by creating different private, public, and webinar rooms. You can also use similar rooms for the demo, scrum, and webinars.

Create a meeting room by selecting the option from the navigation bar to the right of the screen.

Visit the link for more details - Video Conferencing

We can create a public room for anyone with a link to attend or a private room where only select members can participate. We can also add an organization room for everyone in the organization to participate in the conference.

Click on the meeting room ID to instantly connect and redirect to the 500Conference meeting dashboard.

At the bottom center of the dashboard, you have access to conference options.

Let's start with mute. You can mute or unmute your microphone at any time during the conference. By clicking on the mute dropdown, you can check other microphone-related options.

You can click on the video icon to start a video conference.

Participants can click on the screen share icon to present their screen to the meeting. You can share your entire screen, window, chrome tab, or even share the audio.

Visit the link for more details - Real-time Chat

While the conference is going on, the participants can ask a quick question in text in the chatbox, or they can even send a private message to anyone. We can even create a poll to ask participants' viewpoints on a particular issue.

Click on the participant's icon to invite participants who missed their notification by sharing a link. You can embed the meeting link on Google mail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook Mail and share it with the participants.

Visit the link for more details - Screen sharing