Screen Sharing

to access information during meetings

Present yourself from a computer, smartphone, or large-format display while using screen sharing to gain remote access to your information.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing with Participants

Bring everyone to the same page by showing the content and other data in real-time through screen sharing

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choose what to share

Choose what to Share

Improve the efficiency of your video communication by accelerating the process while ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Confirm what to share, your entire screen, window, or browser tab.

share audio

Share Audio

Screen sharing enhance the team productivity, for a more professional and immersive video-sharing experience, use 500Conference to share audio (mono or stereo).

secure screen sharing

Secure Screen Sharing

Share your screen privately with other participants without having to worry about pop-up notifications that attendees won't see during the meeting.

record shared screen

Record Shared Screen

To include a specific screen in your recording, select it from the "Share" drop-down folder and then click "Record". If you want to capture everything on your computer screen, you'll have to go through the process again.

What is Screen Sharing?

The technique of transferring the data on your screen to other devices, frequently with the intention of facilitating collaboration when team members are separated across different locations. During an online meeting, you can share files, documents, and apps from your device so that participants can view them.

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