Video Layouts

to customize the view in meetings

Customize the background of your live video streams by using the 500Conference Virtual Background feature. There are numerous high-quality images, including ocean scenes, schools, and well-known city landmarks.

Video Layouts

Video Layouts Switch During a Video Call

Change your view at any time during the video call. Use large or small views to see participants according to your preference

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customized view

Customized View

Adjust the view without any complications. It's an easy-to-use virtual meeting platform with advanced features.

tiled view

Tiled View

Video layouts use grid view of equal-sized images when no one is sharing their screen.

full-screen layout

Full-screen Layout

Host meetings in a full-screen toggle view and display your presentations as well.

pin participants

Pin Participants

Pin your participants even when someone is not presenting. They will always be visible on the screen unless you unpin them.

What are Video Layouts?

Adjust the video layout preferences during virtual conferencing. While attending/hosting the meeting, you can see everyone, hide some participants, and more. Many video layouts are available, such as gallery view, speaker view, etc. In addition, you can use side-by-side mode most helpful if sharing the screen.

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