Video Call Recording

to watch meetings later

Capture and save your meetings, webinars, and presentations for yourself and others to watch your meetings later by using video call recording.

Video Call Recording

Video Call Recording for Training Purposes

A recorded meeting or webinar can be shared with others by creating a video call recording file and distributing it to those who can benefit from it

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free recording

Free Recording

Provide free video and audio recordings. They can use the 500Conference software online recording feature or a browser plugin to encourage collaboration.

high quality audio and video

High Quality Audio and Video

Select the camera and microphone you wish to use from the drop-down arrow next to the record button and then raise the quality setting to its highest setting to begin recording.

recording consent

Recording Consent

Conversations can be recorded in person or by phone, but only if you participate in them. Collecting data or wiretapping is illegal if you are not participating in the discussion but recording it.

audio notifications

Audio Notifications

Make the attendees aware when the recording is paused, stopped, or started with audio notifications of the video call recording feature.

What is Video Call Recording?

A video call recording is a simple but helpful feature that allows the users to follow up quickly. The users record the virtual meeting/ seminar/ webinar to get references later. It makes the work easy and enables digital note-taking. Alongside, recording the virtual meeting helps those not present in the video call.

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