Best Video Conferencing Software in 2022

Finding the best video conferencing software might be perceived as a difficult task. However, choosing the best platform for your business or personal needs is easy when armed with the right information.


It might be relatively easy for you to use emails to communicate with your team, but the reality is that nothing beats the power of face-to-face communication. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has even made it necessary for companies to use video conferencing software. Besides working these days remotely, employees often seek flexible schedules as they travel from one location to the other. Therefore, video conferencing software makes it possible to engage in personal conversations without the need to be physically present.

Luckily, there is a diverse market for video conferencing software. Choosing the right tool for your business depends on factors like your budget, the number of employees working for you, and more.

This page offers you all the information you need to find a suitable video conferencing software for your business needs.

Our Guide To The Best Video Conferencing Software

Working from home has never been this easy with the introduction of video conferencing software. This tool helps you effectively connect with your teammates, address human resource issues, and collaborate with your colleagues. It’s important to note that most of these activities can’t be done through instant messaging or email. When you and your colleagues are out of the office and need to conduct meetings, video conferencing tools come in handy.

Perhaps the best tool you can think of using is 500Conference, but here’s the breakdown of this and many other tools that you can rely on.

Best Budget Video Conferencing Software


500Conference is an affordable, all-in-one video conferencing software that can meet your business communication requirements. With this software, you can easily organize video conferences with real-time chatting, screen sharing, call recordings, live webinars, polls, and so much more.

You can also host meetings for as long as you want because the software has no time limitations on meeting durations. The number of participants is also not limited. That’s not all; 500conference can also be integrated with other applications like 500app,,, and NinjaChat. Such integration helps to boost productivity and the efficiency of your team.

Google Meet

Google is a reputable platform, and there’s no arguing about that. Google Meet is one of its video conferencing software that your business can use. It offers basic video communication features such as meeting sharing and screen sharing. It’s easy to use. With just your Gmail account, you can simply log in and join any meeting you are invited to.

Google Meet also works across all platforms. This means that you can integrate this tool into your system without worrying about its compatibility. The only downside to this software is that you must have a Google account to use it. Businesses using other email providers might be disadvantaged here.


Zoom is a common video conferencing software that most individuals and businesses used after COVID-19 struck. When you sign up for their pro-package, the tool allows your team to host meetings and save them. This is a great feature that ensures your teams never miss any meetings because previous meetings can be shared with all departments involved.

Additionally, Zoom Pro also allows 100 people to join any meeting instantly. You can sync this tool with other third-party apps like Skype for Business. If you are using pop-up blockers, this software might not work.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a good choice for collaboration and efficiency. Individuals and businesses might opt for this tool if they are using Office apps like SharePoint and Word. The software is also quite interactive, making it easy to use. You also have the advantage of 24/7 phone and web support when using this tool.


GoToMeeting is a remote meeting software with exceptional features that can be used for business and personal needs. One feature that makes this software unique is its “raise a hand” feature that can be used for polling. In addition, you can host unlimited video meetings using this tool, and the best part is that your meetings are secure with end-to-end encryption.

Best Video Conferencing Software for Startups

Cisco Webex

Startups will be on the lookout for free software they can test before signing up for premium services. CiscoWebex is an ideal choice for small businesses because it allows companies to use this tool in hosting small meetings at no cost. Besides, the starter package has other collaboration features such as message searching in threads, storage, and interactive whiteboards. Videos can also be recorded and saved in the Webex cloud. However, you are limited to only 1GB of storage space.

If you want additional features, you can choose the paid version of the software. This package comes with other administrative tools that help your business create multiple meeting rooms. It’s also possible to mute participants with the paid package. What’s more, you can host up to 200 participants in any of your meetings with the paid package. However, the idea of paying for additional features might discourage you from using this tool.

Best Video Conferencing Software for Enterprise Companies

Zoho Meeting

It’s also possible to conduct video meetings with ease using Zoho Meeting. This is a great choice if you are looking to collaborate with your teams without spending a lot. Some of the features that will help you and your business include sharing your screen, saving and sharing, and protecting or moderating meetings. Zoho Meeting can also help you customize your emails and forms. With this feature, you can moderate attendees. In addition, reports downloaded from meetings can be used to boost engagement with your teams.

Best Overall

It’s often recommended to choose a video conferencing software that provides just about any service. The right tool should help you perform different tasks without the need to buy another software. 500Conference fits this description. With this tool, you can enhance the video conferencing experience of your attendees. You also get to host secure meetings while engaging in real-time chatting. The software also allows you to host meetings without worrying about the number of people you should invite or the duration of your meetings.

Another reason why 500Conference is ranked the best is that you can integrate with other applications. Team collaboration has never been this exciting.

Finding the best video conferencing software might be perceived as a difficult task. However, choosing the best platform for your business or personal needs is easy when armed with the right information. This page has outlined to you some of the best tools that will not disappoint you in 2022. Always evaluate the software upfront before paying for anything when choosing any video conferencing software.


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