File Sharing

to share documents and other files

Increased efficiency can be as simple as sending files to all participants, a single participant, or via group chat. Any file, image,video or computer document can be dragged and dropped into the video conferencing software.

File Sharing

Faster File Sharing to Deliver Tangible Results

Share large files without hassle with the most specific file sharing feature

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instant file sharing

Instant File Sharing

Share files in real-time chat instantaneously for fast-paced collaboration and work progress.

end-to-end encrypted sharing

End-to-end Encrypted Sharing

End-to-end encryption is a common method of secure communication to prevent unauthorised access to data in transit between systems or devices. When data is encrypted on the sending system or device.

easy file sharing

Easy File Sharing

File sharing send any files or documents in real-time chat or private message by simply attaching them.

What is File Sharing?

The file-sharing feature is used to share files instantly for better team engagement and increased work speed. You can share documents, graphics, images, and links easily from any cloud storage without switching windows or tabs. You can share all your files securely and privately in direct messages with the file-sharing feature.

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