Join Meeting

to connect and collaborate from anywhere

Connect and collaborate virtually with individuals via the internet to achieve a specific goal or plan with geographically dispersed employees.

Join Meeting

With Join Meeting, You can Improve Your Teamwork

Connect with your team using online tools for virtual meetings, then start working towards your targets.

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chat in real time

Chat in Real Time

With advanced features like channels, embedded chat, audio and video calling, and more, you'll have everything you need to interact with your teams.

file transfer

File Transfer

Collaborate while telecommuting by sharing files with a single person a one-stop solution.

mute participants

Mute Participants

Mute all with a single click to stop hearing the audio of all other participants.

What is Join Meeting?

A join meeting is a type of communication that allows users in different physical locations to connect via mobile or internet-enabled devices and congregate in the same virtual space. Almost all businesses were already shifting toward more remote ways of working, which the COVID-19 outbreak accelerated significantly.

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