Custom Branding

to add a logo or image to the virtual background

Individuals can improve your display by adding your company logo to the background using the custom branding feature. When hosting a professional conference or webinar, include a logo to assist participants trust your brand.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding for a Strong Impression

Set a virtual background you’d like with custom branding, plus add a touch to your brand identity

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custom branding

Custom Branding

Add a logo to your background with the custom branding feature of the best virtual meeting platform and enjoy numerous perks.

virtual background

Virtual Background

Custom branding solve the challenge of making the room tidy, use the virtual background during a professional meeting.

upload from computer

Upload from Computer

Upload images of your choice and consider making your virtual background the way you want. Add any background related to your brand or other promotional aid.

What is Custom Branding?

Custom branding is one of the best tools to make people trust the brand, look more professional, and promote the brand during a virtual meeting. The best virtual meeting platform - Conference, allows the users to customize the background and add logos under the custom branding feature. Leveraging this amazing feature, the employer/host can make the first impression strong!

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