Best Video Conferencing Software

Improve an online group meeting by bringing everyone together to brainstorm new ideas and collaborate on papers in real time.

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Top Features to Boost Online Communication

  • Connect remote workers and telecommuters.

  • Enables two or more individuals in distant locations to communicate face to face.

  • Use video conferencing to reduce employee travel.

  • Organize instant virtual meetings to discuss work and solve issues without delay.

best video conferencing software

Video Conferencing

Allow two or more people in different locations to communicate face to face. With Video Conferencing, boost productivity, save time, cut travel costs, inspire teamwork and hold professional meetings, webinars, and seminars with amazing features.

video conferencing
screen share

Screen Share

Improve an online group meeting by bringing everyone together to develop fresh ideas and even real-time collaboration on documents. At a low cost, Share Screen improves cross-company cooperation, employee training, web product presentations, and customer service efficacy and efficiency.

real-time messages

Real-Time Messages

Make meetings more engaging with live messaging during calls. Improve team discussions, group communication with real-time messages by allowing the participants to share information, questions, and feedback during the live meeting by sharing the text messages with the real-time chat option.

tranfer file

Tranfer File

Make it easier for all employees to communicate with customers and other employees in multiple locations. Share documents, images, videos, and other files with just one click during the live meetings.

custom background

Custom Background

Use 500Conference during a professional virtual conference to include your organization's logo, alter the background, or add other branding.

instant invitation

Instant Invitation

Create or join the meeting directly, invite others to your online meeting. Send instant a link or meeting code to anyone you want to join the meeting.

manage participants

Manage Participants

Control and manage meeting participants can be pinned, muted, unmuted, or removed from a meeting. To keep things tidy and on goal, assist the group in sticking to the agenda, measure time, and bring people in and out of the discussion.

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Screen Sharing

Use Video Conferencing Software, best suited for webinars, seminars, video meetings, audio meetings, and many more

screen sharing
choose what to share

Choose What to Share

Confirm what to share, your entire screen, window, or browser tab. Improve your video communication efficiency by speeding things up while ensuring everyone is on the same page.

share audio

Share Audio

Share audio (mono or stereo) with 500Conference for a more professional and immersive video-sharing experience.

secure screen sharing

Secure Screen Sharing

Use 500Conference to privately share your screen with other participants without worrying about the pop-up notifications that attendees won't see during the meeting.

record shared screen

Record Shared Screen

Record audio and screen recording of whatever's on the host's computer screen. Save any content that plays on your screen.

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Video Call Recording

Stay afloat in the marketplace with the must-to-have screen recording feature that enables video and audio recording during a meeting and delivers impressive results.

video call recording
free recording

Free Recording

Record video calls and meetings using 500Conference's recording feature at zero cost.

high-quality audio & video

High-Quality Audio & Video

Use advanced video call recording feature of 500Conference to get HD video and audio recording.

recording consent

Recording Consent

Let your participants know they are being recorded. Instantly notify other participants with recording consents.

audio notifications

Audio Notifications

Make the attendees aware when the recording is paused, stopped, or started with audio notifications of the video call recording feature.

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Real-Time Chat

Enhance Team collaboration leveraging the power of robust real-time chat features.

real-time chat
end-to-end encryption

End-To-End Encryption

Keep any potentially private conversations off the internet. You and the receiver will be the only ones who know how to open it.

smart messaging

Smart Messaging

Use real-time chat tools to share reactions, common messages, and private messages to keep the conversation going.

private messaging

Private Messaging

Secure communications by sending private messages to any person who isn't in the group chat and keeping things hidden.

Find out more about Real-Time Chat

Public Rooms

Use Advanced Video conferencing software that keeps people and teams of an organization or company connected.

public rooms
one-click meetings

One-Click Meetings

Enable one-click meetings using 500Conference's public rooms feature to interact in real time.

effortless screen sharing

Effortless Screen Sharing

Improve efficiency during a meeting in public rooms through effortless screen sharing.

public rooms for mobile

Public Rooms for Mobile

Start, stop and control 500Conference public room meetings from your personal mobile devices. Use your mobile device to pair to your local public room easily.

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Private Meetings

Virtual Meeting Software hosts and manages Private/Internal Virtual Meetings and webinars to streamline the workflow of corporates anytime and anywhere.

private meetings
end-to-end encryption

End-To-End Encryption

Keep your potentially private meetings locked. Only you and the receiver will have the shared key to open.

share key to decrypt

Share Key to Decrypt

Allow participants to decrypt your meeting's audio and video with a shared key.

security compliance

Security Compliance

Authentication and end-to-end encryptions make private meetings secure from cyber-attacks and avoid the chances of data leaks.

Find out more about Private Meetings

Video Layouts

Virtual meeting platform that makes the meeting more professional with video layouts/views.

video layouts
customized view

Customized View

Adjust the view simply without any complications. It's an easy-to-use virtual meeting platform with advanced features.

tiled view

Tiled View

Use grid view of equal-sized images when no one is sharing their screen.

full-screen layout

Full-screen Layout

Host meetings in a full-screen toggle view and display your presentations as well.

pin participants

Pin Participants

Pin your participants even when someone is not presenting. They will always be visible on the screen unless you unpin them.

Find out more about Video Layouts

Mobile Access

Video Conferencing software that provides access through mobile phone to work remotely and follow up.

mobile access
join from any device

Join From Any Device

Allow the candidates to jump into the virtual meeting with any device, including tablet or mobile.

call recording on mobile

Call Recording on Mobile

Access full-time recording to save full video meetings. Capture and hold your meetings, webinars, and presentations for yourself and others.

private messaging with mobile

Private Messaging With Mobile

Ensure securing messaging by sending private messages to any participant through the mobile device.

Find out more about Mobile Access

Secure Meetings

Video conferencing software that understands the value of security, so put it at the top of the priority list.

secure meetings
password protection

Password Protection

Ensure who can join the meeting by sharing passwords with selected participants.

user authentication

User Authentication

Don’t let anyone join the meeting without your permission. Use PIN authentication and stay secured.

end-to-end encryption

End-To-End Encryption

Keep your potentially private meetings locked. Only you and the receiver will have the shared key to open.

Find out more about Secure Meetings

Custom Branding

Video conferencing software with custom branding to reflect your brand in the professional meeting.

custom branding
custom branding

Custom Branding

schedule calls from Google calendar and easily access your call info.

virtual background

Virtual Background

Use the virtual background during a professional meeting to solve the problem of keeping the room tidy.

upload from computer

Upload From Computer

Upload your favourite photos and think about how you want your virtual background to look. Include any background information about your company or other promotional materials.

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Video conferencing software with the ability to schedule meetings that saves money, minimize procrastination, and many more.

ensure productivity

Ensure Productivity

Find email addresses in bulk by uploading multiple first names, last names and domain names through a spreadsheet or a CSV file.

be free minded

Be Free Minded

Search for an email address for a specific person at any organization and know where to send your important communication emails.

gives more opportunities

Gives More Opportunities

Retrieve information of potential leads and connect with them using email IDs.

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500apps Integration

Video conferencing software that supports 500apps integration to help you automate workflows.

500apps integration
integrate popular 500apps

Integrate Popular 500apps

Integrate your video conferencing software with appropriate applications like,, NinjaChat, Botup, etc.

team chat software integration

Team Chat Software Integration

Elevate the experience by integrating the best team chat software i.e. Connect with your team members seamlessly by real-time chatting and video calling.

crm software integration

CRM Software Integration

Integrate your video conferencing software with to transform the sales experience and manage customer relationships.

live chat software integration

Live Chat Software Integration

Use NinjaChat integration to connect with your team and interact via live chat using a fully customizable chat widget.

Find out more about 500apps Integration

Meeting Management

Video conferencing software gives you full control over the virtual meeting via meeting management features.

meeting management
share hosting privileges

Share Hosting Privileges

Make a participant/attendee host or cost-host with the grant moderator rights hosting feature of 500Conference.

lock meetings

Lock Meetings

Prevent anyone from joining the meeting without your permission through password authorization.

kick out participants

Kick Out Participants

Easily remove participants from your meetings if you don't want them to be a part of the video call.

mute participants

Mute Participants

Use the single-click option of mute all to stop listening to the audio of all other participants.

Find out more about Meeting Management

File Sharing

Collaborate while telecommuting by sharing files with an individual without going anywhere else - a one-stop solution.

file sharing
instant file sharing

Instant File Sharing

Share files in real-time chat for quick collaboration and job progress.

end-to-end encrypted sharing

End-To-End Encrypted Sharing

Use 500Conference, in private communications, you can securely share all of your files. Only team members who have been added to the private channels should be able to access the files.

easy file sharing

Easy File Sharing

Use 500Conference to simply attach any files or documents to any real-time conversation or private message.

Find out more about File Sharing

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