What are the Different Types of Video Conferencing Software?

Several video conferencing systems are available in the industry, and you can use them either alone or with a group of people. Choosing the best video conferencing strategies for your business requires familiarity with the various types of video conferencing systems available on the market. Telepresence, integrated, desktop and service-based are the most common and critical video conferencing systems.


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What Makes the Best Video Conferencing Software?

Video conferencing has become among the most innovative software solutions in the 21st century. With it, businesses and individuals can communicate with each other worldwide without any limitations. As the technology becomes more widely used, many companies look to incorporate it into their day-to-day operations. There are various conferencing tools that individuals and large groups can use. For the best video conferencing software for yourself or your company, you must know its different types, including their features and advantages. You've come to the right place if you're interested in learning more about video conferencing software. This article will review each type of video conferencing software and its uses.

The types of video conference solutions include

  • Telepresence
  • Integrated
  • Desktop
  • Service-based

Let's begin.

Telepresence Video Conferencing Software

Telepresence video conferencing solutions are designed to host meetings and bring participants as close together as possible, as their name suggests. Using this type of software will make participants feel like they're sitting around a table in the same room. No matter how many rooms the participants are in, the setup is simple. To keep the camera at eye level, large screens have been installed. Many businesses use this particular model of video conferencing software.

With telepresence software, it is possible to conduct one-on-one video conference calls. It is an effective strategy to manage remote workers, have private conversations with employees, and organize general gatherings. It's also a cost-effective way to keep track of workers who work from home. You will not be responsible for their travel or lodging expenses.

Integrated Video Conferencing Software

Integrated Video Conferencing Software

The integrated video conferencing software solution is designed to support the transmission of information from various groups. Group video conferencing that necessitates centralized equipment is a good fit for this system. Hardware and a codec are also required for this program to work properly. Cameras, displays, and other peripherals essential to effective communication will be installed in a central location. These video conferencing tools are the best option for boardroom and classroom meetings. Their job is to ensure that multiple groups can communicate effectively in a wide range of locations simultaneously.

Desktop Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing software of this type is essential. They're known for their ease of use and functionality. Most of the time, they don't necessitate complicated installation procedures. The use of desktop video conferencing software is common among workers and those always on the move. Video conferencing software that doesn't require any complicated hardware setups has all the best features found in more complex software. There are two main types of video conferencing software: a software solution installed on your desktop or a hardware codec that can be used as a computer monitor. This video conferencing resolution will be installed directly onto your computer when you install it. It's that easy.

Service-based Video Conferencing Software

Service-based Video Conferencing Software

A service-based video conferencing software differs from the previous examples because a telecom carrier controls it. It is the responsibility of this company to maintain and configure the software solution for the end-users. With their help, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business. All that would be left for you to do would be to organize the meeting with other users. The telecom service provider will visit your location and assist you with completing the installation.


Choosing the best video conferencing software for your needs is essential to a good video conferencing experience. This article will provide you with all of the information you require regarding the types of video conferencing software solutions. 500conference is a basic video conferencing application that you can integrate into your company's work activities.

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