Will Video Conferencing Replace Real Meetings?

Video conferencing is a way to communicate with people without being in the same room. It is an interaction between two or more people in real-time via video and audio transmissions.


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What Makes the Best Video Conferencing Software?

In today's world, virtual conference meetings have become increasingly prevalent. Audio And video Communications were one of the catalysts that permitted this change. When the epidemic hit, many people and businesses turned to Zoom, and it quickly became a household name. Zoom fatigue was even coined to describe folks bored of attending Zoom meetings all day.

Indeed, some implications for virtual conference platforms are bad; yet, what these systems facilitate is largely favorable, and many people agree on this.

When going outside meant risking our lives, and we had to stay away from loved ones and coworkers, video and audio conferencing became the best and safest choice.

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This form of communication is still thriving years after the coronavirus pandemic swept thru the nation.

The need for features like file sharing and real-time file editing gave video conferencing giants like Zoom and Skype for Business some of the best user metrics they have ever experienced in years.

Zoom's daily user number by the end of 2020 had gone up from the 10 million daily meeting participants it had in December 2019 to about 350 million.

Although we appreciate the ease video conferencing brings to our lives, there have been debates on whether it is here to stay, going as far back as 2015, before the pandemic.

Can it replace regular face-to-face communication?

Many individuals believe that, no matter how ubiquitous video conferencing becomes, technology will never be able to replace the necessity for organic face-to-face meetings.

Can we get the most out of virtual meetings compared to face-to-face communication?

replace regular face-to-face communication

In this case, arguing to and for will restrict perspective, so we decided to present a few pros and cons you can expect from video conferencing.

It is time and cost-effective

It's no secret that virtual meetings save you money on transportation from your location to the meeting's location. However, there are occasions when you want to attend that meeting right from bed, and you may now do so. Compared to the cost of air travel and hotel reservations, the time and money saved during the meeting can benefit organizations. Arranging virtual meetings is ten times faster than you usually have to grab your smartphone or laptop to connect.

You can meet anyone in real-time

It is very convenient to discuss ideas and brainstorm problems with like-minded people in real-time with video conferencing. One immutable advantage this affords you is that you don't have to wait for chain email responses. Instead, information is passed across immediately, and there is even the option to record the meeting for later reference.

Shared data

These days, some software, like 500Conference, allows people to work on the same document while on a video call. They can easily share documents, making the project easier and significantly increasing productivity.


Regardless of how advanced your tech equipment is, it is hard to replicate the value of physical presence.

You can agree that much communication is done via non-verbal gestures and cues such as handshakes and body language. However, they are harder to observe or replicate with someone over video conferencing.

You can meet anyone in real-time


During a video conference, technology becomes the savior, leaving everyone at its mercy. However, if the system stops functioning properly or there is a knowledge gap about using it, it can ruin everything. It is advised that you have an AV rep on standby to assist if you wish to avoid such issues.


Video conferencing is less expensive than flying people across the country for meetings. The capacity to obtain high-quality video conference software and services, on the other hand, is not an affordable luxury.

Other costs also need to be considered, including high-speed internet connections and maybe the cost-per-user.

Video conferencing provides an efficient way to stay connected. However, face-to-face interactions will always be the most effective form of communication because of the vibrancy and engagement it allows within the meeting.

It simply is not something you can emulate on a screen.


Both means of communication have their perks, but in the end, it depends on how comfortable they make things for you at any point in time.

If video conferencing appeals to you, 500Conference is software that can help you improve your video conferencing experience.

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If you must hold virtual meetings, it only makes sense that you and everyone involved have a great experience; 500conference provides this. Check it out now.

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