Private Meetings

with end-to-end encryption

Virtual meeting software facilitates corporate productivity by hosting and managing private meetings and webinars at any time and from any location.

Private Meetings

Stay Private with Encryption

Mask your meetings and conferences to protect your communication data

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end-to-end encryption

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption is a common method of secure communication to prevent unauthorised access to data in transit between systems or devices. When data is encrypted on the sending system or device.

share key to decrypt

Share Key to Decrypt

In shared key encryption, one key is used to encrypt and decrypt communications. The sender and recipient of a communication must both have the same key, which they should keep private from everyone.

security compliance

Security Compliance

Private meetings compliance with regulatory and industry standards is the goal of security compliance management, which involves monitoring and evaluating systems, devices, and networks.

What is a Private Virtual Meeting?

A private virtual meeting brings teams together via the internet or a digital network to share the business objectives, plans, and workflow. These meetings let the team collaborate and share critical information privately.

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