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500Conference by 500apps is a video conferencing software that brings together innovative and creative minds in the mobile industry to network, learn from each other, and collaborate on new projects. Video conferencing software helps you connect with your customers, employees, or business partners from any location and at any time. This type of software allows you to have real-time conversations with people from all over the world without having to travel. The software can be used for a variety of purposes, such as holding virtual meetings, giving presentations, and providing customer support.

Getting Started - 500Conference

Go to > Select Collaboration from the top bar > Select 500Conference

  • Click on the 500Conference icon highlighted in the image below

video conferencing software

  • That would redirect you to the 500Conference page with features such as Create Room, Join Meetings, Recordings of your meetings, and more

500conference page

How to Start Virtual Meetings?

Video conference rooms are a great way to connect with people who are not in the same room as you. There are many ways you can use the public rooms feature of 500conference by 500apps to facilitate Video conferences in your own organization. The possibilities are nearly endless. 500Conference comes up with four different options to choose from - Private, Protected, Public and Organization.

join the conference

You can join any previously created meeting rooms by directly clicking on the boxes.

Or, you can create a new room by clicking on +Add Room. You can change visibility to private, protected, public or only for organization. Change your room name, add member, and click on Save.

Created meeting rooms

The result will be reflected on the 500Conference page after you click on Save to save it.

Create room

Public Conferences

The public conference rooms allow you to host public meetings and webinars with the link in the format

  • Write your meeting name (for example, 500Conferencedemo) without spaces > Click on Save > Click on Join Meeting - The link to join your meeting is now ‘’

setting up public rooms

  • From here, you are then redirected to the -

join meeting

Also, you can click on +Add Room button on the top right > change the visibility to Public > Type the Name for your meeting > Click on Save.

Public Conferences

You will now be able to click on the share button and the meeting link will be shared over the email the users are registered with. Anyone can join the meeting by clicking on the link shared with them.

Public Conferences Share Button

Private Conferences

500Conference offers private conference rooms for small groups or for 1:1 meetings. These rooms are protected and can only be accessed by those with the One Time Password (OTP). This ensures that only those who are supposed to be in the meeting are able to join. This is a great feature for companies that need to discuss sensitive information among limited people.

Organizers can restrict access to the conference to only those who have the OTP by using a Private conference room.

  • To create a Private conference room, click on +Add Room button on the top right > change the visibility to Private > Type the Name for your meeting > Invite teammates by clicking on their names from the Add Member drop-down menu > Click on Save

Private Conferences

  • Now, you can click on the share button to share the meeting link with the teammates by clicking on Send in the next field that opens. You can aslo allow more users on your workspace by clicking on the drop-down that appears before clicking on the Send button

Private Conferences Share Button

The meeting link will be share to the registered mail along with OTP to join the meeting.

Protected Conferences

The software is designed for the business and enterprise organizations for the smooth and secure video conferencing. In 500Conference video conferencing software, you can create protected conference rooms for your organization. Also, you can secure your video conference rooms that no one else can access and use them. The system generates a secure name for the meeting room, Anyone who is invited can access the protected conference rooms.

  • To create a Protected conference room, click on +Add Room button on the top right > change the visibility to Protected > Type the Name for your meeting > Click on Save

Protected Conferences

  • Also, you can create protected rooms with random meeting names directly by clicking on the Create Room button

protected meeting rooms

  • You will now be able to click on the share button and the meeting link will be shared over the email the users are registered with

Protected Conferences Share Button

Organization Conferences

500Conference is a web-based video conference tool that enables organisations to maintain video conference rooms. It provides a simple and easy to use interface that makes it easy for organisations to manage their video conference rooms. Anyone who is part of the same workspace in the organization can join the conference.

  • To create a Organization conference room, click on +Add Room button on the top right > change the visibility to Organization > Type the Name for your meeting > Click on Save

Organization Conferences

  • You will now be able to click on the share button and invite the teammates who are also connected with you in the same workspace. The meeting links will be directly shared with your teammates over their registerd email IDs

Organization Conferences Share Button

How to Manage Meetings?

Once you create a room, and click on the meeting link you will be redirected to the url of the meeting. At first, you can change your name, keep your mic on/off, invite new users, change your background image, and change settings before clicking the Join Meeting button.

join meeting button

Enable Microphone

You can mute/unmute your microphone and test your system microphone and speaker with this.

system microphone

Enable Camera

You can switch on/off your camera during meetings with this button.

camera settings

Toggle Screenshare

With this feature, you can share your entire screen, a particular window, or a particular tab.

toogle screenshare

You can refer the image below.

popup shown

Raise or Lower Your Hand

Anyone can raise your hand or react particularly during a meeting or webinar with this button.

raise your hand

Managing Participants

You can add, search, or remove participants with this particular button of the 500Conference meeting.

managing participants

Toggle Tile View

You can choose to change your view with the toggle tile view.

toggle tile view

More Actions

With this button, you can do a number of actions such as Share video, Invite people, Performance settings, and more.

Video conferencing software is a powerful tool that can help businesses and individuals stay connected. It allows users to communicate and collaborate in real-time, whether they’re in the same room or across the world. There are a variety of video conferencing software options available, each with its own set of features and capabilities. When choosing a video conferencing solution, it’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements.

more actions

Some of the key features to look for in video conferencing software include:

  • The ability to support multiple participants
  • High-quality video and audio
  • Flexible scheduling and meeting management
  • Integrated collaboration tools
  • Security and privacy features

Invite More People

With this feature, you can copy the meeting link, share the meeting invitation and embed this meeting.

invite more people

Performance Settings

You can choose by dragging between the highest quality and best performance. The better you require the system performance, the lesser would be the quality.

performance settings

Security Options

A public meeting does not have a password, but you can change the same in private meetings.

security options

Select Background

With this button, you can blur your background, add a background from your device local storgae, or choose from in-built backgrounds before clicking on Apply. You can also choose None if none of the backgrounds suit you.

select background

Speaker Stats

Creating new project

Meeting Settings

There are several benefits of settings in video conferencing software:

  • They help to ensure that the video quality is good

  • They help to reduce the amount of data that is transferred, which can save on bandwidth costs

  • They can help to improve the security of the video conference, by ensuring that only authorized users can access the conference

  • They can help to ensure that the conference is private, by ensuring that only authorized users can see the video feed

  • You can change device settings such as Microphone, Camera and Audio output preferences under the Devices tab. You can also play a test sound before clicking on Ok to save the settings

meeting settings

Also, you can change your display name and email ID under the Profile tab before clicking on Ok to save the settings.

profile tab

  • You can change the notification sound on/off for meeting reactions, incoming messages, participant joining, participant leaving, and talking while muted by checking on the check boxes present under the Sounds tab

sounds tab

  • You can change all the remaining settings, such as desktop sharing frame rate, chat message notifications, pre meeting screen enabling, under the More tab

more tab

Keyboard Shortcuts

All the within meeting shortcuts can be seen here and click Close once done.

keyboard shortcuts

Embed this Meeting Feature

You can choose to stream live on your website or company blog by copying the line of code and pasting on the required place.

embed this meeting

Share Video

You can choose to share any video, like a live stream, be it from YouTube or from any website with a URL link by pasting it in the available box and then clicking Share.

share video

You will get to spectacle incredible video streaming experience like the one in the image below.

video streaming experience

Finally, when the meeting is over, you can end the meeting with Leave button.

leave button

How to Track Meeting Activity?

500Conference offers you the option to track the activity of your virtual meetings or conferences in one place. You will have the option to view under the Recordings tab at the bottom left of your 500Conference application interface. The meeting links will be shown under the Link column, meeting names under the Room Name column, the duration of your meeting under the Duration column, similarly Date and Time of the meetings under their perspective columns.


App Settings

When you wish to customize the meeting link or integrate events of your virtual conferences or meetings using 500Conference application, you can go to Settings and choose to click on Domain or Webhook.


Under Domain, you can:

  • Use a default domain link
  • Set a custom domain exclusively for your business
  • Click Add CNAME > Put Domain URL > Mapping URL in your DNS setting > Verify

default domain link

With Domain settings you will be able to customize the meeting url which will increase your brand imageon an individual as well as business level.


From Settings, click on Webhook > Enter the url for A participant joined webhook URL and A participant left webhook URL > Click on Save for each and yoyu will be good to go using the Webhook feature of 500Conference..

set a custom domain

With Webhook, you can integrate events of 500Conference application in other applications whenever a participant joins webhook and whenever a participant leaves a webhook.

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