The entire world has transitioned to an online system, and some people are suffering due to poor quality software. So many issues, such as delayed voice, video, and lack of attention-grabbing settings, usually make online meetings bland. This creates a need for user-friendly video conferencing software for professional meetings.

500conference brings you the best video conferencing software that preemptively removes the fundamental problems one may face, such as delayed audio-video and recording issues. It is user-friendly and allows you to manage and handle online meetings effectively.

Wouldn’t you want to feel as comfortable in an online setting as you do offline? This is the reason most people tend to be camera shy at first. They lack the experience to be comfortable in this setting. Being physically present can have varied effects on us. Some people prefer to speak into a camera, while others prefer to talk offline to a live audience.

If you are reading this article, you most likely belong to the latter type and want your online confidence to match your offline one. We will show you what steps you can take to ace your online meetings. It is perfectly normal to have first-time jitters and feel nervous while heading into an online session. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

5 Steps to Turn Your Doubts Into Confidence for Online Meetings

Look Presentable

The first and foremost step that will enhance your confidence is your dressing. Getting appreciation from your fellows' breeds confidence, so dress to impress. Make sure that before every meeting, you are look stoked, professional, and you mean business. Consider it a competition where the most committed figure gets the most recognition.

Look Presentable

Your dressing and visual state are the first steps to making everyone attentive towards you. Make sure to dress formally, just like you would in an offline setting. Many people tend to neglect the importance of dressing and turn up casually to an online meeting. This is a huge red flag as it indicates the non-seriousness of your demeanour.

If you are serious about something, make it known to your audience as well. Being presentable will instil confidence in your audience and uplift their belief that you know what you are doing. People usually have self-doubts in a social gathering if everyone else is dressed better, lowering their self-esteem and confidence. This is the case for online meetings as well. So make sure that you look sharp and professional.

You do not have to look flashy to get anyone’s attention, just being decent and tidy will do the job. Everyone appreciates a consummate professional, and it significantly improves others’ impression of you as well.

Set Up the Camera

Most online meetings require a face cam for all members. As we discussed earlier, looking good can bring in a lot of appreciation and confidence from others. However, to look good, you must also have a nice projection of your live image. This is where a good-quality camera comes into play. Set up a good camera that shows your face and posture when you speak.

Adjust your camera settings considering the background, setting, and lighting. Your camera must show your facial expressions and hand movements, if any, to the rest of the members. Another important thing you should remember is never to shy away from the camera.

Set Up the Camera

Connect With Others in the Meeting

Once you are appropriately dressed and have a well-set camera, the next step is to connect with others in the meeting. Connecting with others in an online meeting is the equivalent of an ice-breaker in a physical conversation. Once you enter the meeting, make sure that you sit straight with your shoulders back and greet everyone in the meeting.

Once you are done with the greetings, you will be greeted in response as well. You have just subtly reminded everyone of your presence before the meeting even starts.

Good software such as 500conference, one of the best online conference platforms that will help connect members and you effortlessly. You can use features such as private screen sharing, call recording, and real-time chatting with the meeting participants. Once you know that you are effectively communicating with others, you’ll be more confident as the meeting progresses and less shy or not at all.

Smile for the Camera

Much like while entering a room full of people, put on an honest smile as you enter the virtual meeting. This reflects your positive attitude and is received well by your fellow participants. Smiling shows that you are self-aware and confident in your personality. After all, smiling is contagious, and everybody enjoys a smile or two.

Remember that the camera is your friend and it will show your smile to everyone. Smiling can uplift anyone’s mood, so you must remember this. Make sure to smile while entering the meeting, so the other members know that you are happy and energized for the meeting. This will make you feel as if you are with your friends, and this sense of familiarity and comfort will boost your confidence.

Speak Up

In any setting, offline or online, make sure that your voice shows assertiveness to go with confidence. Speak up and make sure that everyone hears what you have to say. If others ask you to repeat something regularly, it indicates that you are not speaking loud enough. Make sure to speak loud and clear for all to hear.

Speak Up

When a person is camera-shy, they usually have issues while speaking, such as voice cracks and shortness of breath. However, before you speak, take a long deep breath and convince your mind that this is your show and you are the lead artist. Being loud and clear will make others attentive and responsive while bringing you the confidence to go with it.


Being camera-shy is nothing to be ashamed about. Instead, it is a good thing if you are self-aware and want to improve. These tips will help you significantly attend your meetings well and leave a positive impression on all the members respectively. However, the most important step you must keep in mind is that you must keep practicing these steps until you master them.

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